SRK Consulting Careers video

SRK Consulting is an independent international consulting practice that provides focused advice and solutions to clients in the earth and water resource industries. I was hired to shoot some interviews and b-roll for this SRK Careers video. The final video was compiled with the footage from several different countries, but the majority of  interviews and b-roll footage was filmed at the SRK Consulting headquarters here in Denver.

Below is a BTS photo of the interview setup in a typical corporate conference room. Simple, but effective – a single LED panel as a key light, with natural daylight coming through the large glass windows behind the subject. The only tricky part was finding an angle to minimize reflections in the window. Audio was recorded directly into my Panasonic GH4 via a Sennheiser G2 wireless mic.

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And here is what the final interview shot looked like:

SRK Consulting Interview screenshot

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