Russian TV Documentary “The Secret of Mandelstam’s Archive”

The Secret of Mandelstam's Archive

The Secret of Mandelstam’s Archive

Last year I worked as a camera operator on a Russian TV documentary about Osip Mandelstam, a famous poet who lived in Russia during the first part of the 20th Century. The documentary was produced by Россия К, a Russian culture and arts television channel. It premiered earlier this year and gathered a lot of attention. I’ve also been told that it is currently playing on a regular basis at the State Literature Museum in Moscow. The documentary was directed by Elena Yakovich, and all of the principal interview segments and archive b-roll footage was filmed right here, in Denver.

Working on this project was a fantastic experience. We spent many long hours filming interviews with Sophia, an author who, through family ties came into possession of Mandelstam’s archive of unpublished manuscripts and poems. This is her story.

If you speak Russian, you can watch the full documentary below, or read more information on the official Россия К TV website.

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