Listen Louis 2016 Promo

Here is a new promo for Listen Louis (Roger Harmon and Jonathan Barlow), featuring a sample of wedding ceremony music performed by a duo of acoustic guitars.

I have previously collaborated with Roger and Jonathan on a promo for Tin Brother, and it’s been an absolute pleasure working with them. As before, we filmed this video in the studio over a just couple of hours. The set-up was pretty minimal – two CN600SA LED panels, fluorescent overhead studio lights and my trusty Panasonic GH4 on a Manfrotto tripod and Konova K2 slider. I shot everything in 4K, which I don’t often do, but in this case it provided more flexibility in post when it came to cropping and re-framing some shots. Because we were on a tight time frame, we only had a limited number of takes for each musical segment, so shooting in 4K was extremely helpful.

Listen Louis video shoot (behind the scenes)

Jonathan and Roger in the studio.

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