Spinphony 2015 Music Videos

It is always a pleasure to work with Spinphony. They needed some new promo videos for 2015. Nothing super fancy this time, but we were under a tight budget and time crunch to get everything shot in one day, so a single location was essential. The Old Studio presented itself an ideal choice as a budget-friendly studio with an option of using either white or black infinity background.

We filmed 3 videos back-to-back in the span of 6 hours, complete with multiple camera angles, costume changes and a little bit of choreography. I didn’t have an assistant this time, so the entire shoot was relatively simple compared to the Fandango music video that we did previously. Single camera, two CN600 LED lights and overhead fluorescent studio lighting. In the beginning, I tried using the slider for some of the shots, but quickly realized that when you’re shooting with infinity background and the musicians are the only subjects in the frame, it was difficult to get enough of a noticeable parallax effect during slider camera moves. So, I quickly ditched the idea of using a slider and focused on getting simple coverage with a variety of static angles instead.

I shot everything in 4k on my Panasonic GH4, which gave me the ability to digitally crop, pan and zoom some of the shots in the edit. Since I was doing a single-camera music video shoot, this proved to be invaluable.

To make it more comprehensive and dynamic, we ended up cutting a lot of the new footage from the Spinphony promo video and used some of the segments from their earlier promo video instead, in addition to some of the more recent live footage shots.

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