Slackers Zipline and Slackline product videos – extreme backyard adventures

Slackers, a Denver-based outdoor products company specializing in backyard zipline and slackline kits recently hired me to shoot a series of product videos for their website.

It was a fun and very laid-back project to work on. I got to film a group of kids running around, ziplining down a hill, walking on slacklines and basically having a blast. The shoot itself was very simple – all in available light, with minimal set-up and a relatively quick turnaround. It was somewhat challenging to shoot in the bright mid-day sunlight, because the deep dark shadows from the surrounding trees created a harsh contrast. But I did the best I could with the bare-bones set-up I was working with. It was pretty much a run-and-gun project, with just me and the camera.

We got lucky with the weather, as there were a couple of beautiful, sunny 60+ degree weekends. Then, literally just a couple of days after the last shoot, it snowed and the temperatures dropped into the single digits.

You can see all four of the product videos below, or on the Slackers website and YouTube channel.

Slackers Zipline:

Slackers Slackline:

Slackers Night Riderz Zipline and Flying Saucer Seat:

Slackers Bungee Brake Kit:

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