Matt Hoffman – Gone Looking (live recording session video)

A couple of months ago, I was asked to shoot and edit a live studio recording session with Matt Hoffman and other talented Denver musicians at the Mammoth Cave Studio. I have previously worked with Matt as a camera assistant on his music video Mural, so it was great to help him out with this project.

We spent an evening at the studio and recorded a total of seven tracks. The recording session was filmed with three Canon DSLR cameras (two 7Ds and a 60D), one of them operated by myself and the other two by other musicians, our friends and acquaintances, who took turns being in front and behind the camera throughout the evening. Some of them have never shot video before, but they did a great job and were super-enthusiastic about this project.

Mammoth Cave is a fantastic studio, although the space where we recorded was very small which made it challenging with arranging all of the lights, cameras and crew in a space about as big as a small basement. But we made it work!

Check out one of the videos from the Mammoth Cave recording session below.

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