Photos from the set of THE SILVER MOONLIGHT

A few weeks ago, I got a chance to visit the set of Evgueni Mlodik’s new film The Silver Moonlight, a take on the classic Little Mermaid tale done in the style of 1930’s German cinema. Evgueni has a strong passion for German UFA studio films of that era, and this passion permeates all aspects of this production – from lavish locations and amazing costumes to beautiful production design with impeccable eye for detail. And, of course, there is Lindsay Reynolds – a talented lead actress, who looks like a gorgeous starlet that just stepped out of a vintage movie poster from the Golden Age of cinema.

I was originally only planning on coming to the set to shoot some behind-the-scenes video. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, Evgueni was short on crew and extras that day, so I offered to help out. After assisting the crew with blacking out windows and setting up lights, I finally reached for my camera. But before I could start shooting, Evgueni asked me if I had a suit. I said yes. The next thing I knew – I was in a suit, holding a cigar and looking sophisticated at a swanky high-society party in a Capitol Hill mansion. It was my first time being an extra since Automaton almost two years ago! And honestly, I loved it.

The reason for my terrified look is off-screen. To see what it is, you’ll just have to watch the film! Photo by Nightlight Digital (

I was still able to get some production stills and video footage between set-ups. Check out my BTS photos on Flickr. Since The Silver Moonlight is still in production, keep your eyes open for more information and BTS material coming in the near future!

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