2012 at VELFILM Productions: a short recap and new demo reel

Amazingly, since becoming a full-time freelancer, 2012 has been my most productive year, so far. I have worked on a total of 122 client video projects and 8 volunteer and personal creative projects. The client work ranged from ultra low-budget 1-hour shoot/2-hour edits to corporate and TV projects that took up weeks of production.

I have filmed small business promos, web infomercials, performing arts events, destination film festivals, Kickstarter and IndieGoGo campaign videos, corporate conferences, training and instructional videos, product demos and even a half-hour TV series pilot for Rocky Mountain PBS Network (look for more information on that in the coming months). I’ve worked on several ambitious independent short films and music videos. I also filmed and edited a few behind-the-scenes featurettes, which happens to be some of my favorite personal work.

I’ve met many amazing and creative people in the Denver arts and independent film scene and strengthened my relationships with the people I already knew. What an incredible year it’s been! I’m grateful for all of the fantastic opportunities that came my way and looking forward to many more in the coming year.

Here is a small sample of my video production work from 2012:

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