Bill LeVasseur – BARN FINDS

Several months ago, Bill LeVasseur asked me to shoot some pick-up footage for his Barn Finds TV show sizzle reel, which the network didn’t get a chance to get while they were out here. Of course, I happily agreed. There is a reason why Bill is such a successful and highly regarded actor and host – he is one of those charismatic, upbeat, funny people that everyone seems to be uncontrollably drawn to. Unfortunately, Bill didn’t end up hosting Barn Finds, but he did apparently score another awesome gig with the network. Keep your eyes peeled!

I counted a total of 5 of my shots that made it into the video. If you are curious which ones, they are at :07-:08, :44-:46, :51-:54, :56-:58, and 1:03-1:07. A whooping :12 seconds worth! 🙂

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